It is important that we get one thing straight right away…once you decide that you want to take action in your life to get healthier you must draw one important conclusion: There is no quick fix to your health! I am sure you have heard this phrase many times and it should not surprise you, but have you truly applied this to yourself?

You may have a certain goal to reach, for example a certain weight you would like to be, or a vacation that is so many weeks away, a race coming up that deserves your full training attention; but what happens after that? Do you just stop putting in the effort to stay healthy once you have reached that weight loss goal or completed the race? Let me ask you this question – why would you go through all the work initially, to just let it all go once your number comes up? I wanted to bring this topic up because many of my clients this past year have come in stating “I used to be a very healthy and an active person, but I let life get in the way… and now here I am.”

I would like to challenge you to stop looking at a certain date or weight loss goal as the day where you can “get your life back” and stop training or the day you can finally eat what you want after the diet is done. Try to stop thinking this way for the short term, your body is the only place you have to live, so treat it as such.

So where does consistency fall into this equation? Setting up for yourself a routine that is EASY and attainable now and for the future makes you less likely to fail and more likely to stick with it. Think of all the things you do on a daily basis that are ingrained in you and you mindlessly complete that task as if you were born programmed that way. Just like brushing your teeth, drinking your coffee or tea and going to the grocery store is a part of your daily and weekly routine – so should be a simple exercise & stretching program. The goal should be to build a sustainable program for yourself to do every day that makes you feel better and helps you get healthier as you age. It doesn’t have to be hard or long, just a little something every day that keeps you moving will help you see the changes that will last a lifetime. Try to add in a couple of these exercises posted below in your daily life and let me know how this helped you!

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