Exercise focusing on leg strength and balance can help prevent falls and injury!

People of all ages and abilities can vastly reduce the risk of falling and injury through exercise training that focuses on both strength and balance. Multiple studies show that this type of training can lead to a reduction in falls among older adults and improve performance in athletes.

The key to preventing falls and increasing body awareness for sports is to maintain and improve balance training, doing so means to continually challenge your body’s balance through personalized (and safe) exercises.

Maintaining good lower-body strength has been specifically cited as another key factor in fall and injury prevention. An individual should try to identify the imbalances or weaknesses and create a program that specifically addresses muscle groups that can improve their gait and balance.

Basic moves to try –

*Stand on Single Leg                                                        *Catching a ball while Standing

3 x 1 minute (eyes open)                                                   2 x 90 seconds – one leg

3x 1 minute (eyes closed)                                                  2 x 90 seconds – Both legs Bosu ball

3×1 minute – moving head and trunk (eyes open)             2 x 90 seconds – Standing on towel

3x 1 minute – moving head and trunk (eyes closed)          2 x 90 seconds – Single leg on Bosu ball

*Lateral jumps, lunges and posterior chain progression along with trunk stability exercises will help you to gain the mobility and dynamics to maintain healthy balance and posture.







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